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Today, Syracuse University is committing itself to reaffirming the value of Muslim students to the campus community. Muslim students are scholars, leaders, and purveyors of change. They are the vanguards of Islam in America. However, Muslim students face many challenges as they navigate their way through a university setting. Students need support and counsel more than ever to make sense of their faith as they grapple with the world around them. Their ability to reach their potential is intertwined with your commitment to support them in this journey. Perhaps someone once unknowingly facilitated your success, now is your chance to invest in students who will define our future. Help us institutionalize the position of a Chaplain, build your legacy.

Are you an alumnus, current student, or someone who wants to help strengthen the SU Muslim community?

Our Mission

To create an inclusive community and to engage in sincere reflections that result in religious, intellectual, and social growth through educational programs and spiritual guidance based on Islamic principles.

Our Vision

To be the model University-based spiritual & education center in the USA.


Please consider supporting the establishment of sustainable leadership for Muslims at Syracuse University. Your support in this endeavor will provide students with opportunities for countless more moments of clarity in the future. Donate Here!

Muslim Student Life at Syracuse University is a 501(c)3 and Nonprofit Corporation Under the Section 193 Law of NYS.