Prayer Rooms

The MSA Prayer Room and the ablution/wudu station is located in the Hendricks Chapel. The MSA Room is next to the People’s Place Café, just up the stairs. The ablution/wudu stations are in the restrooms, around the corner from the MSA Room and People’s Place Café.

Halal Dining

Locations: Ernie Davis, Shaw, Graham, Sadler & Brockway

Note: Halal foods are available in all dining centers. Menu items are indicated in the key on the
online dining services menu. You may also scan the QR code on the labels in the dining centers
to determine if a menu item is halal. Food Services has been working steadily to increase the
variety of halal foods in all of the dining centers. In addition, the current recipes are under
review to determine how they may be produced halal. If you have any questions about the halal
foods served in the dining centers, or would like to comment about the food, or send a recipe
email Food Services at [email protected]

Ramadan Accommodations are also available. Email Muslim Chaplain at [email protected] to learn
more and to indicate your Ramadan dining preferences.

Office Hours

Muslim Chaplain has regular office hours during the Fall and Spring semester.

Chaplain's Office Hours (by appointment only):
Monday-Friday: 8 AM- 7:00 PM
In the case of emergency, don’t hesitate to contact the Chaplain 24/7 for support.

Chaplain’s office is located Hendricks Chapel, on the ground floor. For appointment and programming information please contact 856-266-8625 or [email protected]

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