Amir Duric Featured on CNY Inspirations: Contentment with Blessings

“Be content with what God has given you, and you will be the richest of people.” (Muhammad)

Two aspects are important to achieve contentment: recognition of countless blessings and gratitude to the Giver. God declared in the Qur’an, “If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor].” (Qur’an, 14:7)

Muhammad said, “O Abu Dharr, do you say an abundance of possessions is wealth?” I said yes. The Prophet said, “Do you say a lack of possessions is poverty?” I said yes. Muhammad repeated this three times, then he said, “Wealth is in the heart, and poverty is in the heart. Whoever is wealthy in his heart will not be harmed no matter what happens in the world. Whoever is impoverished in his heart will not be satisfied no matter how much he has in the world. Verily, he will only be harmed by the greed of his own soul.” (al-Mu’jam al-Kabir 1618)

Amir Duric is Muslim Chaplain at Syracuse University and an Imam at Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks. In these roles, he develops various programs supporting and serving students, faculty, staff and the wider community.

Amir Duric

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